Beyond Cleaning: The Advantages of Guided Biofilm Therapy for Oral Health

guided biofilm therapy for white teeth

If you’re a little hesitant of visiting the dentist, then we’ve got great news for you! Recent advancements in dental technology have made the process of getting a deep clean from your dentist faster, less uncomfortable, and much more effective. 

We’re talking about Guided Biofilm Therapy, a revolutionary, cutting-edge oral health technique. At Manor Dental Centre in Leicester, we use state-of-the-art Guided Biofilm Therapy technology to precisely locate and remove biofilm, ensuring you maintain optimal oral health. 

But what is Guided Biofilm Therapy exactly? We’re glad you asked. Keep reading to find out.

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy

Biofilm is the build-up of bacteria and debris on your teeth. Since biofilm usually goes unnoticed, it poses a significant threat to oral hygiene. Guided Biofilm Therapy is an innovative solution which uses advanced technology to precisely locate and eliminate biofilm without actually having to touch the teeth or gums. It provides a more comfortable, less painful, and more effective cleaning than previous methods.

Benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy

By addressing the root cause of cavities and plaque formation, Guided Biofilm Therapy prevents dental issues and promotes healthier gums. The removal of biofilm gives you a brighter smile as it gets rid of stubborn stains. Because Guided Biofilm Therapy uses compressed air to remove bacteria, you get a comprehensive yet gentle teeth-cleaning experience.

Why Choose Manor Dental Centre for Biofilm Therapy?

Manor Dental Centre in Leicester strives to stay at the forefront of oral health innovation. We’re experts in Guided Biofilm Therapy. Our team’s proficiency in this advanced technique reflects our commitment to providing patients with the highest standards of care. Book an appointment today for healthier teeth and a more vibrant smile or contact us for more information.


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