The Wand - Painless injections

The Wand painless injection system was developed to replace the traditional syringe and makes your visit to Manor Dental Centre in Leicester easier and more comfortable.

At Manor Dental Centre in Leicester, we use The Wand. Our painless injection system means you don’t have to dread a visit to the dentist.

Manor Dental Centre - The Wand
Manor Dental Centre - The Wand

What to expect from The Wand

The first thing you can expect is to smile! The Wand is a computer unit that’s held like a pen. Your dentist can choose to treat just one tooth and there will be no numbness in the tongue, cheek or lip. You might not even know you’ve had an injection.

You can return to your routine able to drink, smile a feel better about your next trip to Manor Dental Centre.

How does it work?

Manor Dental Centre - The Wand