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The revolutionary iTero™ intraoral scanners offer a seamless fusion of swiftness, dependability, user-friendly functionality, and unparalleled visualisation capabilities, making them an indispensable tool for general practitioners and orthodontists.

With an impressive track record, iTero scans have played a pivotal role in over 14 million restorative crowns, bridges, custom implant abutment cases, and a staggering 66 million orthodontic scans.

From a no-mess procedure to pain-free scans, quick results, precise impressions, and a sneak peek of your future smile, iTero technology is transforming dental care. Today, we’re discussing how the iTero Scanner In Leicester has changed lives in the UK.

The Evolution Of Dental Scanning

Not so long ago, getting dental impressions was not a pleasant experience. You would find yourself with a mouthful of gooey material that seemed to linger forever. It was uncomfortable, and messy, making even the bravest cringe. Fortunately, dental scanning has come a long way, revolutionising how we capture impressions and paving the way for more comfortable and efficient dental experiences.

Traditionally, orthodontists relied on techniques like alginate impressions, where a putty-like substance was used to make a mold of your teeth. These methods had their limitations. The gooey material was prone to distortion, making it challenging to capture accurate impressions. Plus, the process itself could trigger a gag reflex, causing discomfort.

Enter the iTero Scanner in Leicester, a true game-changer in the world of dental scanning. This cutting-edge technology has transformed how dentists capture impressions, making the old, messy methods a thing of the past. With the iTero Scanner, there’s no need to endure the gooey mess anymore. Instead, a small wand-like device scans your teeth, capturing detailed images in a matter of minutes.

The iTero Scanner offers a host of benefits that go beyond just comfort and convenience. It provides dentists with highly accurate digital impressions, ensuring precise treatment planning and better outcomes.

The digital images captured by the iTero Scanner possess remarkable visualisation capabilities, as they can be instantly transformed into detailed 3D models. This cutting-edge technology empowers both orthodontists and patients to visualise proposed treatments, informing decision-making and enabling collaboration.

Thanks to the iTero Scanner in Leicester, dental scanning has evolved remarkably – transforming a dreaded process into a more pleasant and efficient experience.

Understanding Intraoral Scanning

Intraoral scanning is a method to capture dental images in three dimensions (3D). It allows orthodontists to create accurate and detailed models of your teeth, which is crucial for effective restorative dental work. Unlike older 2D imaging techniques, which may not capture all the necessary details, intraoral scanners provide a fully comprehensive view of your mouth.

When it comes to treatments like Invisalign aligners, customisation is key. Unlike traditional braces that apply pressure to all teeth, Invisalign aligners target specific areas that need correction. To achieve the best possible results, these aligners require a highly-detailed model of your mouth. Intraoral scanning lets our practitioners capture the necessary information and create fitting aligners.

The History Of iTero Scanners In Leicester

Intraoral scanners, like the iTero scan, have come a long way since the late ’80s when the first scanner was invented, with the technology advancing significantly since then.

The iTero scanner, introduced in 2007, is known for its accuracy. It reduces alignment rejection and fit issues by a significant amount, making it a reliable choice.

For our Invisalign patients, the iTero intraoral scanner is especially beneficial. It seamlessly integrates with the Invisalign system, offering a more digital experience. With this scanner, there’s no need to worry about gagging or discomfort during dental impressions.

The integration of iTero and Invisalign speeds up the production process, transmitting intraoral scans three times faster than traditional impressions. This also allows orthodontists to closely monitor patient progress.

What Are The Benefits Of Using an iTero Scanner In Leicester?

●     Say goodbye to messy procedures: This is the most obvious and sought-after benefit. With iTero technology, there’s no need for gooey mould material in your mouth. Gone are the days of feeling uncomfortable or anxious about having a mouthful of unpleasant substances. iTero scanners offer a clean and mess-free experience.

●     Pain-free and comfortable: Traditional dental impressions can be challenging for people with a bad gag reflex. However, iTero technology provides a solution. It is designed to be portable and lets the handler do intuitive operations. The process is painless and comfortable, allowing those with a sensitive gag reflex to easily undergo dental scans.

●     Quick and efficient: iTero scanners save you time. Scanning a full arch of teeth takes just a minute to complete. Gone are the lengthy and tedious impression-taking procedures. With iTero, you can spend less time in the dental chair and more time enjoying your day.

●     Instant 3D model: Witness the magic of technology as a 3D model of your teeth and gums is created during the same appointment as the impression-taking process. This allows you and your dentist to comprehensively understand your dental structure before any procedure starts.

●     Unparalleled accuracy: iTero scanners are known for their remarkable precision. The impressions obtained are highly accurate, ensuring fitting aligners and teeth restorations that fit perfectly. Say goodbye to uncomfortable dental appliances and hello to a seamless and comfortable fit.

●     A glimpse into the future: Imagine seeing your future smile before your treatment begins. With iTero technology, this becomes a reality. The 3D model previews how your teeth will look post-treatment, offering a glimpse into the beautiful smile that awaits you.

How Do iTero Intraoral Scanners Work?

●     Smaller wand size: Unlike previous intraoral scanners, iTero scanners feature smaller wands that can easily maneuver through your mouth. This allows for accurate impressions of even the farthest molars, ensuring comprehensive scanning.

●     Comfortable scanning: The reduced size of the wand means you don’t have to open your mouth uncomfortably wide during the scanning process, ensuring a more comfortable experience.

●     Greater flexibility for orthodontists: The smaller wand size gives orthodontists more flexibility as they scan. This flexibility leads to greater detail and precision in capturing your dental impressions.

●     Quick and accurate results: With iTero scanners, digital impressions are quick and accurate. The advanced technology allows for efficient scanning, saving time while maintaining high accuracy.

●     Real-time simulations: iTero scanners offer the unique benefit of real-time simulations. As the wand moves through your mouth, you can watch the generation of your dental impression. This involvement gives you a sense of control and a better understanding of the scanning process.

●     Easy sharing of scans: All scans can be easily forwarded to your aligner manufacturer. This seamless sharing capability ensures smooth communication between your orthodontist and aligner manufacturer, streamlining treatments.

Invisalign® System Optimised With iTero Scanner Leicester

The iTero scanner is optimised for the Invisalign® System, offering a seamless process. With the exclusive power of the iTero scanner in Leicester, practitioners can use the Invisalign® Outcome Simulator chairside application to show patients a preview of how their teeth might appear after Invisalign treatment. This simulated outcome can be easily shared with the patient via email, potentially inspiring them to undergo treatment.

Furthermore, the Progress Assessment tool on iTero scanners provides a quick and convenient way to track Invisalign treatment’s progress, allowing dentists and patients to monitor the plan. By visualising progress, patients are more likely to comply with treatment and experience greater satisfaction.

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Intraoral scanners have evolved over the years, and the iTero scanner in Leicester is a standout choice for accuracy. iTero scanners in Leicester bring multiple benefits, including accurate impressions of molars, comfort during scanning, flexibility for orthodontists, quick and precise results, real-time simulations for patient involvement, and easy sharing of scans with aligner manufacturers. These advancements make iTero scanners a valuable tool in modern dentistry.

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