The Connection Between Your Oral Health and Overall Well-being

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Taking care of your teeth does more than just ensure you always have a beautiful, bright smile. There’s actually a major link between your oral health and your overall well-being. Keeping up with your dental care can prevent major health issues. 

Research has shown that poor oral hygiene can result in systemic health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and respiratory infections. Some studies have even found that people with good teeth live longer than those with poor oral hygiene. 

At Manor Dental Centre in Leicester, we believe in providing a holistic approach that addresses not only dental concerns but also contributes to the broader well-being of our patients. Keep reading to learn more about the critical role oral health plays in your overall wellness.Best Antiseptic Cream of India – Boroline | Best Physiotherapy Rehab Centre in Kolkata – Swahealth Physiotherapy Rehab

Health Conditions Caused by Poor Oral Health

Poor oral care can contribute to various health issues. Not taking care of your teeth can contribute to:

  • Cardiovascular Disease: Bad oral hygiene allows bacteria to thrive in the mouth, which leads to the formation of plaque. Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream through inflamed gums, which can exacerbate cardiovascular issues.
  • Diabetes: Periodontitis has been linked to insulin resistance, potentially exacerbating diabetes. 
  • Respiratory Infections (Pneumonia): Bacteria from bad teeth can get into the respiratory tract, causing conditions like pneumonia. People with compromised immune systems or those susceptible to respiratory infections are particularly at risk.  
  • Endocarditis: The nasty bacteria associated with severe gum disease can enter the bloodstream and reach the heart valves, leading to endocarditis. Anyone with pre-existing heart conditions or artificial heart valves needs to take care of their teeth.
  • Osteoporosis: The bone density loss associated with osteoporosis can affect the jawbone, leading to tooth loss.

How to Protect Your Teeth

Brushing regularly, flossing twice a day, and seeing your dentist regularly will help keep your teeth in top condition. 

At Manor Dental Centre, we recognise that dental health is integral to overall well-being. As well as providing routine check-ups and treatments, we focus on preventive care. Our team educates our patients on proper oral hygiene practices and lifestyle choices that promote optimal dental health.

When to Visit Your Dentist

Regular dental check-ups are not just about addressing cavities; they are a proactive step towards maintaining overall health. Ideally, you should visit your dentist once every three to six months.  

Manor Dental Centre in Leicester provides personalised dental care with an emphasis on prevention. Prioritise your oral health with Manor Dental Centre and embrace a holistic approach to a healthier you. Check out our dental plans for regular dental checks and maintenance to avoid more costs over time.


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